Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are the ultimate symbol of eternal love

Traditionally worn by both ladies and gents. Traditional wedding bands are made of gold. Today there are many options, from the choices of metals to precious gemstones.

Gents wedding bands are not limited to the traditional plain band (although these are still popular). Rings can be made in your choice of gold; 9ct, 18ct, yellow, white, or rose gold (or combinations of colours) or other metals; platinum, palladium, sterling silver, and even set with gemstones. Jason McCulloch specialises in creating some amazing gents designs that are unique and masculine and uncompromising in quality and craftsmanship.

Ladies need a wedding ring to match and fit with their engagement ring. Plain gold traditional bands are still popular, however many people now choose diamond set wedding bands or even split wedders (two bands which are worn either side of your engagement ring).Whether you have a definite ideas or if you need some design assistance Jason can work with you to create the perfect design and then make the wedding ring to match and fit with your engagement ring.

Your input is invaluable in creating your wedding jewellery, being involved in the design process ensures that your jewellery pieces truly represent you and your partner.

Call or email Jason for an appointment today.

Here’s how it works

Make an appointment – call or email us for a time that suits.

At your appointment we discuss your needs, things like; What precious metal would you like your wedding rings made of, gold, platinum, silver etc? Would you like diamonds or other gems? Which styles do you like, modern, classical, claw set, bezel set etc? Do you have pictures of styles that you like?

Jason will create designs with you, while you are here.

If gems are part of the piece you can choose from gems in stock or we can source a range for you to choose from.

Once you decide, Jason makes your jewellery and we call you when it is finished (usually around 3 weeks, sometimes less).

It is a very, exciting process and it is that easy!