Custom Design

If your style is as unique as you are and you enjoy wearing jewellery that reflects that style, take advantage of our Custom Design Services

For something truly, unique Jason can custom design and create a bespoke piece of jewellery just for you or your loved one. The style and feel of an individually designed and hand forged piece of jewellery is limited only by your imagination.

Bring your passion, creativity and imagination and Jason will work with you to design and create your perfect piece, a future heirloom.

Only a trade qualified Master Jeweller, with decades of experience, like Jason, has the skills and expertise to do this for you.

This process is simpler than you may imagine; make a time to come in (call or email us) and together we will make your jewellery dreams a reality.

Client story

Jen wanted something really special for her 50th birthday so she and her husband Mark came in for a chat. Important things for them were a large green gemstone, 18ct rose gold, and a practical design that can be worn often.

Jason spoke with Jen and Mark about the look they wanted and designed the ring with bezel settings for greater durability.

They specifically wanted natural gems (not created) so Jason sourced chrome tourmaline, tsavorite green garnet and emerald along with matching pairs of diamonds for Jen and Mark to view.

Jen chose a beautiful set, a chrome tourmaline (9 x 7.5mm cushion cut 3 carat) and baguette diamonds (0.60ct G/Vs) and then Jason made the ring in 18ct rose gold.

They loved it.

Jen brings her ring back in for a clean and polish, with regular service it looks spectacular all the time.

Thanks Jen and Mark it was a pleasure to make this special ring for you.

Here’s how it works

Make an appointment – call or email us for a time that suits.

At your appointment we discuss your needs, things like; Do you want a ring or pendant etc? Who is it for? What is the occasion? What precious metal would you like, gold, platinum, silver etc? What gemstones would you like, diamonds, sapphire, emerald etc? Which styles do you like, modern, classical, claw set, bezel set etc?

Jason will create designs with you, while you are here.

If gems are part of the piece you can choose from gems in stock or we can source a range for you to choose from.

Once you decide, Jason makes your jewellery and we call you when it is finished (usually around 3 weeks, sometimes less).

It is a very, exciting process and it is that easy!