Only a trade qualified Master Jeweller, like Jason, has the skills and expertise to do this

Jason takes the utmost care and respect remodelling these special pieces.

Good to know you can talk directly to the craftsman that will be working on the most sentimental pieces of your jewellery collection

If you have pieces that you no longer wear, Jason can help you design something really, special and remodel those pieces into something that is uniquely yours, whatever your style.

Have you been handed down a family heirloom and wondering if it is safe to wear? Jason will check it over for you and restore where possible. If not, most materials (gold and gemstones etc) can be made into a new piece of jewellery (or remade in the same style) to commemorate your loved one.

Make an appointment to see Jason. He will help you get another lifetime of wear from your most precious jewellery.

Check out our client stories to see what we can do for you.

Client Stories

Ann’s engagement ring features a 1ct diamond. She recently had it remodelled (for the third time) for her and her husbands’ 50th wedding anniversary.

Ann wanted to set her carat diamond in a classic claw setting and add some more diamonds to complement it.

Jason worked with Ann to design this beautiful ring featuring Ann’s 1.00ct round brilliant cut diamond and adding 12 new round brilliant cut diamonds (5 x 0.02ct and 5 x 0.01ct) to create a timeless elegant flower design.

Lyn had some rings that she didn’t wear anymore and wanted to use them to make a new ring. For design inspiration, she had a costume ring that she liked to wear, but it was looking ordinary.

Jason created a design that is similar but, as you can see by the pictures, spectacular in comparison.

Here’s how he did it

Jason removed the diamonds from Lyn’s assorted rings, melted the gold, then using these materials and adding two new diamonds he handmade her new ring.

The result, Lyn loves it, she’s wearing her brand-new diamond and gold ring instead of the costume one, and there is no gold and diamonds gathering dust.

Here’s how it works

Make an appointment – call or email us for a time that suits.

Bring in all your old bits and pieces. Jason can let you know what can be used to create a new piece.

At your appointment we discuss your needs, things like; Do you want a ring or pendant etc? Who is it for? What is the occasion? Which styles do you like, modern, classical, claw set, bezel set etc? Do you have pictures of styles that you like?

Jason will create designs with you, while you are here.

Once you decide, Jason makes your jewellery and we call you when it is finished (usually around 3 weeks, less for a refurbishment).

It is a very, exciting process and it is that easy!

If you want a new piece of jewellery made from the ones you don’t wear anymore, do what Ann and Lyn did, come and talk with Jason.